Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Chills

This is an illustration for the magazine Hot Mess. The theme was Summer Chills. FUN!

Click on the image to see it big and pretty.

Spot Illustrations

These three spot illustrations were made for a travel magazine.

This spot was made to accompany an article about a town in Japan that has such an efficient recycling program (34 categories!) that they have zero waste.

This one is for an article about how the Swedish town which is home to the famous Ice Hotel is sinking, and has to be moved a few kilometers away.

This illustration is for an article on the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Monday, March 8, 2010

White Cloud, Buttermilk Sky

Hello lovelies! I have a show coming up at Hotshot Gallery in Kensington Market. It is opening on March 11 and runs until March 21st. There is a really fab group of artists showing lovely paintings and fluffy cloudy goodness.

This is the poster made by Andrea Manica, who also curated the show!

Here is one of my pieces from the show! The rest are centered around this one!