Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get Your Ass To Mars

Get Your Ass to Mars!!!!

Group Show featuring many of my chums from the previous You Know What Love Is and The Villain Show exhibits, as well as many new faces! (Poster art done by Andy McNeil)

We are exploring the outer reaches of our innate natures and beyond the atmosphere of our imaginations.

Opening Reception: October 14th at 7pm
Exhibit Runs October 14th -26th

Function 13, 156 Augusta Ave (in Kensington Market)

Featuring illustrations by

Hugo Arias
Trevor Henderson
Laura Harte
Simen Leung
Andrew McNeil
Mike Ellis
Afo Grigoriev
Jeremy Kai
Jenn Ilett
Deanna Ip
Chris Simonen
Aaron Dagenais
Abraham Nelson
Nolan Pelletier
Jenn Woodall
Eunice Luk
Ted Gudlat
Jae Lee
Mary Varhoeven
Erin Ornstein

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