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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh Oh Buttercup

Sometimes when I have really lazy days, I feel the need to do something to feel better about myself.


(One day I'm going to make a catalogue of all the 'words' I've had to type in the word verification box)

Friday, February 20, 2009


There's this neato book-thing out there called the Beasts Book in which a whole bunch of really rad artists have illustrations of different beasts and monsters and things.

After minimal research I found this feller, who I chose to do mainly because his description leaves a lot to the imagination and I wasn't confined by dozens of previously made renditions of him. Quoted from good old Wikipedia, "The cuegle is a monster in Cantabrian folklore. Walking on two legs and roughly humanoid in shape, it has black skin, three arms without hands or fingers, five rows of teeth, a single stubby horn and three eyes in its head: one green, one red, and one blue. The cuegle attacks people and livestock, and is reputed to steal babies from the cradle."

So this is what I came up with to represent the cuegle! The scan came out a bit funky, but you get the idea :)


I have a mild obsession with bunnies and birds.
OH the magic of sculpey.
I can make all the friends I want.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pencil Sketches

Don't have anything final to share so you can take a looksie at some random sketches.

Cat's Cradle



Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is kind of old, but I still kind of like it.  I am aware of the compositional problems, and I really hate the rhinos, but otherwise I quite like it.  It was inspired by a pic my friend made.  Sorry for the crappy photo... I'm pretty sure my camera is like 3 megapixels...
Acrylic on wood panel... poster size.

I loved you first



(oils. first time ever.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For an article about the favelas of Rio and the organization Afro Reggae's efforts to help youth.

Better Faster?

Is faster better or better faster?

Note: I didn't make the wallpaper, it is an actual wallpaper pattern that I tiled in photoshop.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies book cover.
Poor little Jack, Piggy, and Ralph. And their missing innocence. The beast ate it methinks he did.


Hungry hungry birdies eating from my hands.

Poor Carlos

Carlos moved to California at the age of 17.

For his entire life prior, he had lived five and a quarter miles north of a rural community in South America with his parents, his three younger brothers, and his pet llama Fernando. Carlos knew nothing of life beyond this, and didn’t imagine there could possibly be anything different out there. In fact, he didn’t even realize there was an “out there” beyond the small town where he was occasionally sent to get milk and eggs.

Now, he faces California.

Shocked with the new life he is thrown into, Carlos tries desperately to learn the ways of the American teenager. He spends hours upon hours in his room watching season after season of American television, vigorously taking notes.

Before the start of his senior year, Carlos vows to change into the sexiest dude in school, as the TV shows had shown him that you weren’t cool until you a) had a leather jacket and b) had slept with at least 50% of your local high school’s female population.

With his mission mapped out, Carlos went to the mall and purchased the most badass leather jacket he could find, and stocked up on as much sexual paraphernalia as he could fit in his parents new minivan. Upon arriving home, he decked out his room with all his new goodies, excited to bring that group of giggling girls from third period back to try them out.

Unfortunately for Carlos, the one girl he managed to get back to his pad got tremendously disgusted with his drawer full of sex toys, range of flavoured condoms, and alphabetized collection of lubricants. She told all of her friends, and rumour of what a creep he was spread as far as Florida!

Poor Carlos, who only wanted to fit in, now was stuck with a plethora of non-refundable merchandise, which was significantly less fun to use alone, and the reputation of a sex addict. Unfortunately for Carlos, he was the only sex addict around who had never actually had sex.

Note: I didn't make the wallpaper, it is an actual wallpaper pattern that I tiled using photoshop.

Doodling on Election Signs

My friend Andrew collects election signs.  We decided to have an art making chill sesh and he brought over an Olivia Chow election sign all cut up.  We had the most fun painting on them, it was one of the nice thick coroplast ones.

I entered this as well as 3 other images to OCAD's Whodunit sale.  This is the only one I photographed.  This particular piece didn't sell, but two of my other ones did.  

Giftie for Sumi

This was a secret santa present for a friend.  Her work is great, check it out here.