Monday, January 25, 2010

Solve Everything!

Hey dudes and ladies!

I realize I haven't updated in quite some time, but I assure you I have been making art! I have some pieces in the works for upcoming shows, not to mention being back at school getting me back into gear.

Here is my first assignment of the year, an ad for the mystical magical wonder pill, Solvestra!

Solvestra™, is (as its slogan suggests) a pill that will temporarily solve almost any problem you might have in your personal life.
Are your dog, wallet or keys missing? Perhaps all three? Take a Solvestra™ and instantly know where your missing junk is!
On a plane and the pilot is having a heart attack? Take a Solvestra™ and instantly know how to expertly fly an Airbus A380 for the next couple of hours!
Want to make awesome pancakes? Find a simple, delicious recipe online, make the pancakes and then go out somewhere for the rest of the day, take a Solvestra™, and do something awesome that you couldn’t do without Solvestra™!